Linda Aouf


Linda is a founding Principal and Chief Engineer with professional engineering licenses in 5 states and nearly 25 years of industry related experience. Linda moved to the United States from Syria in 1999 looking for opportunity. Despite already achieving a degree in Engineering, she worked as a drafter while finishing required classes to transfer her degree. Linda held multiple positions over the next 11 years in the civil sector, ranging from Engineer to Project Manager, giving her extensive experience in grading and storm water management, as well as water and sanitary system design. In 2012, Linda joined EN Engineering where she gained exposure to oil and gas transmission design as well as natural gas distribution system design for multiple clients. Linda had the opportunity to engage with several LDC companies while managing a team of drafters and engineers that designed many different types of projects including main replacements, system improvements, regulating stations, permitting and more. Linda is known for her strong client management and relationship skills. She believes that strong work ethic and honesty are the basis for a successful career.

Tiffany Hopkins


Tiffany is a founding Principal with more than 25 years of experience spanning the road construction, gas utility and energy industries. Tiffany attended Michigan Technological University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. After graduation, she moved to Chicago to start her career in engineering design and construction with CT&E (an AECOM company). Tiffany went on to spend 7 years in the construction industry before moving to Nicor Gas where she utilized her construction experience while diving into the world of energy. She spent her time at Nicor Gas in the field coordinating construction crews, engineering “on the fly” designs and working hand in hand with local government agencies and municipalities. After spending some time at home raising her children, Tiffany joined EN Engineering where she enjoyed working nearly 13 years managing a group of inspectors, engineers and drafters that handled distribution construction inspection and system design for multiple LDC clients. She is known for her strong process management skills and her ability to quickly and efficiently integrate new employees into her team. Tiffany enjoys the challenge of guiding young engineers and drafters through their early professional years and considers herself a lifelong mentor to every employee that has been a part of her team.