Linda Aouf and Tiffany Hopkins, employed in the oil and gas sector for nearly 20 combined years, noted a trending increase in the requirements to engage diverse suppliers in all phases of design and construction. As clients increased their engagement goals, the need for experienced partners increased and so did the challenge to find those partners. Finally at a breaking point, Linda and Tiffany realized the opportunity that lay before them to fill this gap and Shäctee Engineering, LLC was born.

With Shakti, the goddess of energy, as their beacon, Linda and Tiffany worked tirelessly to establish their company and prepare to launch. Finally, in 2018, they took the leap and ventured into the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

Linda and Tiffany agreed from the beginning that their company would be forward thinking, employee focused, and client driven with the goal to become one of the industry’s most sought-after engineering firms by both employees and clients.

Giving employees all of the benefits they desire and deserve while creating a very flexible work space was one of their top priorities. The idea of a virtual office concept is atypical in the industry, but one they believed would enable them to attract top talent that may not otherwise be available to them. They could see that this would allow them to engage experienced resources to meet internal and external workload while keeping overhead costs low and provide unmatched employment opportunities to their employees. Their top of the line training and mentorship programs, along with their employee-focused culture, ensure that employees stay committed to providing the best service to their clients while reaping the benefits of a flexible work space.

Shäctee is driven by the philosophy that happy employees are more productive in the work place. Studies show that happy employees are more driven to succeed and Shäctee Engineering recognizes that this is the gateway to satisfied clients. Shäctee employees are introduced to the client driven culture from day one and they pride themselves in providing quality work, on-time and at competitive prices. Combine this with a reduced carbon footprint, reduced paper consumption and broader reach, and you can see why Shäctee Engineering is breaking the mold associated with today’s engineering firms.